Corigem® can be used on all pets & animals for anything from wounds to a multitude of skin issues including ringworm, fungal irritations, scratches, hot spots & more. Our products are pH balanced and 100% natural. Using Corigem® on your pets & animals will ensure their health and happiness. 


Just wanted to let you know that our trials with Corigem have far exceeded our expectations. We had two separate litters of kittens to try it out on. One had very mild ringworm while the other litter had a severe case of ringworm. Within 3 days of applying Corigem twice per day, the first litter with the mild  ringworm were completely healed. The more severe case took two weeks which was much faster than anything we have ever tried including medications prescribed by veterinarians. Subsequent trials with cats belonging to friends and associates have provided similar amazing results. Thanks for introducing us to a great product that provides exceptional value. I would feel comfortable recommending this product to anyone.

- Cindy Socha, OwnerH3 Pet Supply

This is just a quick note to thank you for all of your help with our Charlie boy. I have been grooming Charlie for over seven years and he has had an unknown skin problem for more than that. Recently his owners expressed to me of their thought of putting him to sleep as they have exhausted every aspect of vet care they could have to try to solve his problems. None of which that have worked. He has been on every steroid known to man as far as I know and as soon as he comes off of these meds his problem reoccurs within 12-24 hours. To give you some background he suffers from lesions and sores that become so bad he has pain to the touch. Well I by the grace of God met you recently and we tested your product on him. It was almost a last resort as I was going back and forth with his parents pleading with them to not put him down. Although in the back of my mind I knew if nothing worked it was the fairest thing for Charlie as he suffers so badly. I am pleased to say we are using the product on him twice weekly and have also sent mom and dad home with a sample to use on him in between and his whole body is starting to clear up!!! With no side effects I might add. Charlie was to a point where he barely would wag his fuzzy little butt and now is crazy as ever. We feel this product has provided Charlie the miracle he and his family deserve. I am absolutely astounded at how well he is doing. All without a costly vet visit which is a blessing to his family as dad recently was laid off. Not only can they now afford to take care of Charlie's horrible skin problems; but we will all get to enjoy his company for many years to come. Thank you for the miracle Sue! Paws down we will always carry and utilize this amazing product!!!


As a veterinarian with 29 years experience, 15 of them practicing holistic medicine, and a formulator of botanical medicines for 10 years, and as a charter member of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association, I possess the credentials to be an accurate judge of other company's plant based products.

Corigem, which i have used in both spray and cream formulae, is an exciting new product that has made a large impact on my practice. I have used it on a variety of cases, both of primary skin disease and of internal medical maladies with skin manifestations.

In the majority of cases in helped the outcome dramatically. Skin lesions that have been present for many weeks in some cases, and resisted other treatments, started to heal soon after treatment commenced. Patient well-being also improved, as reported by the pets' owners. Safe if licked, it had a zero adverse reaction percentage, out of well over 200 cases treated.

Corigem is very easy to apply, especially to painful and irritated skin, because it is a spray. It does not sting even very raw lesions.

- Dr. Burton Miller, DVMAnimal Wellness Center

We have used your product Corigem for several months now after receiving a sample at the AAEP meeting in Las Vegas over a year ago. We have had outstanding results on both large and small animals. I am a mixed practitioner for almost 30 years and have been quite satisfied with Pfizer’s product Granulex. After using your Corigem spray and ointment, my associate and I, as well as my clients, have been even more impressed with the results.

Recently we had a Boston terrier come in that had lost all the skin on its paw with only the tendons and bones intact with nothing to suture. We put the dog on Clavamox, and Rimadyl, and then placed an Elizabethan collar on it. We decided to try the Corigem spray. We really weren't  sure that anything would help the pet and even considered amputation, so we tried the Corigem, not really expecting any results because the damage was so bad. Much to our amazement, within 2 weeks the leg had a healthy bed of granulation tissue on it and the dog was walking without a limp with no bone or tendons exposed. I wish I had before and after picture of this!!!!! It would have looked like the results were doctored with another dog's leg being used to make the product look good. At this point in time the leg is about 95 percent healed. These results are truly amazing. I have to admit, I have never seen these type of results with any other product I have used. (Granulex  Accelerator, Thuja, Zinc Oxide, Trypsin) I will continue to use this product, as I have a lot of confidence in its ability to do what your company claims. Keep up the good work.


- James J. Rumore, DVM
Acadia Animal Medical Center

Our dog, Lucy, a soft-coated Wheaten terrier, is a patient of. Burton Miller, DVM. She has been suffering from skin lesions as a result of a kidney disease. She was constantly scratching and chewing on her skin, which made her miserable and left her skin raw. The medicine that we were using to resolve the skin issue made little difference and required me to wear gloves leaving me to wonder what it was actually doing to her skin.

After the first application of this spray it was clear she was very relieved. After the second application there was no raw skin and the redness was calming. We have been using the lotion for a week and the scabs are almost all gone, the redness has been reduced by at least 80% and her hair has begun to grow back where she scratched it off.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of her disease the skin eruptions continue. However, using the spray has resulted in a reduction in the size and severity of the redness, an accelerated healing process and a happier Lucy.

This is a wonderful product!!!!!!!!

- Lauren Straub, Bayville, NY

Thank you Corigem!

The pomeranian puppy with the infected toe is ready to go after just 2 weeks. The 1st diagnosis was ringworm, the traditional stuff didn't work, the culture was done and the vet changed the treatment to clavamox and miconazole. Still not healing, still no hair growth. We started using your spray and cream and now the hair has grown back, the infection is gone and the puppy is now for sale. Thanks so much, as always for having such great products!


- Paula Oliphant, Carmel, Indiana

Ive been using Corigem Spray and Cream since mid October. Ive noticed great results immediately. The cases i have used it on are wounds, urine irritations and an infection which was difficult to clear up. I would recommend Corigem's products for any kennel environment as they seem to work well on all skin issues and heals in record time compared to traditional treatments. The spray is amazing, you will see results in only a couple of days.

- Heather Thatcher, Kennel Manager, Chillicothe, OH

First of all, thank you for allowing us to participate in your study on Corigem Spray and cream. We have two specific cases in which we used the spray and cream. One involves a Chinese Crested, from our store, which had a problem with hair follicles getting infected. We applied the spray and cream directly to the skin where the infected areas were and within three days we had the problem under control when nothing else, we had tried previously, had worked at all. The sores had healed up the pup was no longer digging and scratching. The second case I personally used the spray on my English Bulldog. He occasionally has problems where his tear ducts drain into his wrinkles on his face. He had a pretty bad case which for him involves irritated skin to the point of mild bleeding. I used your Corigem Spray on the irritated skin and the next day his skin had cleared up to almost to where you couldn't tell there was ever a problem. Previously I had used Triple Antibiotic ointment to treat the problem with a much longer healing process because he would always wipe the ointment as soon as we applied it. Your spay didn't seem to bother him as much so he left it on, thus allowing it to heal much quicker.


- Brain
, Portsmouth, OH

Love the spray. Used it on nose & in mouth of bulldog; cleared cold right up! Also great for urine scald on bellies. Your product is fantastic!!! I would definitely recommend it to others.

- Jody, Kennel Manager, Marion, OH

Wow!!!!! BAM!!!!! Like a blasssst from a rocket! After spraying Corigem in my French Bulldogs ear for 3 days, my beloved stopped scratching her ear!

Let me back up, here; my LuLu had a very bad ear infection... I had been treating it with products that guaranteed the ear would clear up in just 3 days. When I got the product, and read the instructions, it said 7 days, not 3. Okay, so I was steered incorrectly via my call with a sales person. That happens, they don't know much about all the products they sell... but what really got me, was that as we neared the 7th day, my LuLu's ear was worse! Yes, it was worse! It was red, inflamed, and she was scratching her head violently! She had drew blood from her scratching during the night. I was appalled! That is when I was told about Corigem spray and cream.

So, when my Corigem delivery arrived, I immediately applied it inside and out of my LuLu's ear... I just love this part! She stopped! My French Bulldog stopped the scratrching immediately and her ear improved drastically by the 3rd day! This was good, very good! The rednes started to appear to be lessening... The next day, the ear was no longer inflamed!! The red was gone!!! Not once did she want to scratch! This was an on going ear issue...and it was GONE! I still applied it for a few more days, as I sure as heck didn't want to go thru that again...or my poor ‘lil girl... But I am telling you it was gone!

 Kenzie White

I just wanted to let you know that we have been using the Corigem spray and cream for a number of things, and its working really well for us. I have used it on a boxer puppy that came in with missing hair and after spraying a few times the hair came back really quickly and it just looks like the puppy has a birth mark. Also we had a Great Dane that was also missing hair and had scabs on its forehead and back, we used the cream while it was here and the same thing happened. His face, back and legs cleared up just in time for him to leave for his new home. I have also used the spray on various puppies cuts and you can see a difference in the healing almost with in hours. 

I love this spray and cream we do not leave home without it!

- Daxa