I would like to thank the people at Corigem for introducing me to their equine skin cream and spray. I have used it on a variety of skin conditions and it far outperforms, not only anything that is on the market now, but anything that has come along in a very long time. I have found Corigem to be amazingly effective for skin disease, a highly contagious, topical skin ailment which is common in many barns during the hot summer months. When treated with this product, as opposed to sulfur based products, my horses showed marked improvement in under a week. I used the spray 3 times daily and found no adverse reaction whatsoever. It clearly outperformed whatever is on the market today, which, for the most part, would take 4-6 weeks to get the same results. I have also found Corigem to have superior results for a number of other skin ailments such as girth itch, saddle irritation and rain rot. All of these irritations cause the training of these horses to be curtailed. As any owner or trainer will tell you, the most important component of racing horses is to keep them healthy, comfortable and racing as often as possible. I would recommend Corigem for anyone connected with horses, either in racing or not.

- Jimmy Iselin, Thoroughbred Horse Trainer
Jimmy Iselin has been a trainer of horses in the Northeast on and off for nearly 3 decades

My name is Gary Contessa and I have been training at tracks in the Northeast since 1984. Corigem has been used on race horses in my barn for a variety of skin issues with very positive results. My assistant trainer has found it particularly effective in the treatment for all skin irritations which are common in the equine world and which effectively increase the down time of a horse's training regimen. Particularly, it has shown a superior heal rate for conditions such as fungal dermatitis, skin rashes, girth itch, open wounds etc... Most of those conditions have been resolved in less than a week while being treated with Corigem, whereas conventional treatments, which have been widely used for these conditions, take an average of 3-4 times longer. The resulting benefit is that a horse spends more time in training and less time being treated. I intend to use Corigem in the treatment of skin conditions on my horses and would recommend it to anyone involved in the horse racing industry.

- Gary Contessa, TrainerContessa Racing
Gary was named New York Breeders, Trainer of the year four years in a row in 2009

I would first like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to use your wonderful product. My name is Eddie Barker and I have been involved with horses, as a trainer, for over 20 years. I have also been around horses for most of my life prior to training thoroughbreds, and I have never had a product that is as effective, on a variety of ailments, as Corigem. The healing time with Corigem was significantly shorter than all other conventional treatments currently available.

When you first asked me to try the product on my horses, I must admit, I was very skeptical. I first used it on one of my horses for an ailment called girth rot or girth itch. It is an extremely uncomfortable condition which festers on the underbelly of a horse. When the horse attempted to lay down he would be in too much pain from the condition to stay in that position. The popular treatment, up until now, was administering a sulfur drug. Besides the fact that many horses would get an allergic reaction to the sulfur, it sometimes took weeks for this method to work properly. When I used the Corigem, the condition was cleared up in 3 days and the horse was better and sleeping comfortably.

I also used Corigem for a condition known as cracked heels. This occurs mostly in the cold weather when a groom fails to properly dry the horses legs and heels. The problem is further complicated on the inner track at Aqueduct. Chemicals are applied to its surface to prevent it from freezing. These chemical get into the affected area and irritate it further. I received 2 horses from the farm in March and both had what I would define as serious cases of cracked heels. I cleansed the affected areas with iodine scrub and started using the Corigem 3 times daily. In approximately 3-4 days, the condition on both horses completely cleared up.

Perhaps the most important and effective use that I have found to date is the treatment of skin disease. This is particularly troublesome because it is very contagious and can spread throughout an entire barn, creating nightmarish headaches for the trainer and his/her owners. It is spread by using a common brush and transmitting it from one horse to another. The conventional treatment can sometimes take upwards of 4-6 weeks to rid a horse of this condition. I used it  on one of my Fillies and was able to clear the condition up in less than one week. I told an assistant trainer who appeared to have a growing problem of skin disease in his barn about your product, and he was getting very positive results, also in less than a weeks time.

The product works great on any ear issues. Most ear problems are fungus based and a few days of spraying directly into the ear of a horse have proven extremely effective. I noticed within 48 hours the horse got relief, but i continued to use the spray for a full 7 days.

The two main problems that I have with traditional treatments are that they can take several weeks to kick in, and most contain sulfur. I did not find either of these issues with Corigem. It was easy to use, worked very quickly and had no adverse reactions. Normally a horse will get very nervous when you spray anything at them, but once the horses, that I spray daily, got used to the Corigem, they seemed to actually look forward to it. It was very a different reaction than anything that I have seen before.

I would highly recommend Corigem to anyone who trains or is a caretaker of horses. The aim of a trainer is to keep his horses on the track, so that the owners can realize a return on their investment. This treatment will help to severely curtail the downtime, through rapid healing, and thereby keep a healthy horse in training, and on the track.

- Edward R. Barker
Eddie Braker a trainer who cares for horses in all 3 of the major New York race tracks, Belmont, Aqueduct and Saratoga

I wanted to share some thoughts on an exciting new treatment, Corigem Spray, for skin problems in the horse. I know that veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners all experience the frustration of treating skin disease with conventional products now on the market. We have used Corigem Spray extensively on thoroughbred racehorses, hunter-jumpers, dressage horses, polo ponies, and companion horses. We have been delighted with the results from this product. We find clients calling and reordering additional bottles for their other horses once they have used it. Having practiced for over 30 years on Long Island, we have seen many new products come and go. I believe Corigem Spray is here to stay! Cracked heels that took weeks to heal in the past now respond in a matter of days with twice daily spraying of the Corigem Spray. One case in particular is a Thoroughbred filly at Belmont Park that sustained a deep wound to the coronary band. The wound looked like it was going to take months to heal. With the Corigem Spray, the wound healed in 10 days and looks great. With drug testing in horse show competitions, racing, and FEI (International Show Jumping), Corigem Spray is safe to use up until the show without risk of getting positive drug tests because Corigem is completely natural composed of botanicals from outside the Brazilian rainforest.

- Dr. Carl Juul-Nielsen , DVM, PCNew York Equine Veterinary Practice
Dr. Carl Juul-Nielsen has been practicing equine medicine and surgery on Long Island, NY for over 31 years and owns and manages New York Equine, the largest equine ambulatory practice on Long Island
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