Corigem® is an international firm dedicated to providing the highest quality of raw propolis available. Our facilities in Brazil supply propolis harvested from the hives of the Brazilian honey bees. Corigem® is dedicated to the principles of the reinvestment into underdeveloped countries, and is in continual pursuit of renewable resources & ecological biodiversity through reinvestment in the Brazilian rural communities and the indigenous people who live there.

Our Company

Corigem® is a supplier of propolis extracts specializing in Brazilian honey bee propolis, both liquid and cream. Corigem® is a high grade propolis because of the unique properties provided by Brazilian honey bees that emerge from the Brazil rainforest and have been cultivated to provide the world with this “miracle of nature.” All of our propolis is completely free from environmental toxins such as lead, mercury and pesticides. The appearance of the Brazilian honey bee combined with the unique biodiversity of this region results in an incredible synergy of nature. The combined result in propolis produces five times more bioflavonoids, amino acids and other complex medicinal compounds than propolis found anywhere else in the world.(1) These unique natural ingredients are the key components that make Corigem® so powerful in the healing process.

Propolis is natures antibiotic, a natural protector, produced by bees for over 40 million years. It has been called "the strongest natural antiseptic known to man and kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact.(2) The healing properties of propolis come from a combination of resins and essential oils produced by bees to protect and sterilize the hive. These constituents interact with human and animal chemistry to soothe allergies and skin ailments, inhibit bacterial infection caused by burns, cuts, scrapes, and build immunity to sore throats and respiratory problems.(3)

Our Mission

Corigem® is committed to improving and enhancing animal care by providing safe, natural and effective products to help speed up the healing process.

The Monty Roberts Connection

Monty Roberts, known as the “Horse Whisperer”, was introduced to Corigem® in June of 2010 by his daughter Laurel Roberts. A friend of hers had given her a sample that she used on herself for some abrasions and burns. She touted it as “one of the most amazing natural products she had ever experienced.” Monty began his own experiments on his farm, Flag Is Up, on horses and animals. He began to see some amazing results of healing all types of fungi and lacerations of the skin on the horses and animals. He was so impressed with the fact that not only was it unbelievably effective but a completely natural and botanical product. For these reasons he began applying it to his own physical ailments, rosacea and dermatitis. He immediately had complete surface relief of each affliction. He continues to use Corigem® daily on his own personal being with continued success. Monty became the spokesperson and partner with Corigem® in June 2011 and continues to see phenomenal results with each use.


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